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Valentines Day Desserts and Self Care Ideas

Happy Valentine's week!! I am making the effort to give myself just a little bit more self-care this week which includes; indulging in healthy treats and doing extra things that make me happy.

Valentine's day doesn't have to mean going out to an expensive dinner or buying your typical chocolates. To me, it means more self-love, being a good partner and friend, and spreading the love in small ways.

Here are some self-love practices that you can implement this weekend or really any time! You deserve it, girlfriend.

  1. Have a slow morning; take your time getting out of bed, avoid your phone for the first few hours, be present with yourself, journal your gratitude, make a big yummy special breakfast

  2. Pamper yourself in your favorite ways. Maybe it's a DIY facial, a long hot shower with your favorite body scrub, put on a big fluffy robe, and light a candle

  3. Gift yourself time to do the things that make you happy (write down 3 things this weekend that would make you happy and do them!)

Next on the self-love practices is treating yourself with a sweet treat made from love. Check out these favorites from my recipe page!

Gluten-free + vegan chocolate cupcakes:

Try them with this vegan raspberry buttercream frosting:

OH, and these gluten-free chewy chocolate chip cookies are to die for!

Okay but also you must try the best damn peanut butter cookies in the world here:

Or if you're more of a savory person, make this gluten-free crust pizza with the most incredible red pesto as a fun date night!

I hope you have an amazing week full of self-care rituals and practices. Comment below to share your favorite self-care rituals!




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