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burnout mentorship 

1:1 Private Coaching

My Burnout Mentorship is a 6-month one-on-one coaching program that addresses your pain points to break your never-ending burnout cycle.

High achievers, people pleasers, and perfectionists are the most common to suffer from burnout. These types of people are known to pile on the pressure, lack boundaries, and set themselves to the highest standard. A perfect recipe for chronic stress also known as burnout.

Align Your Mind is personal training for your mental health. We use the exact formula in this program that I used to heal from burnout, plus new information I have learned along the way. I am confident it will help you too!

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val, interior Designer

Emily is so wonderful.  I felt very safe and comfortable being vulnerable with her. She made me feel heard and provided lots of ideas and strategies to help me manage stress and anxiety. Emily also encouraged me to give myself some grace when going through challenging times (which has already relieved some pressure thankfully).  Honestly, she felt like a loving mom and wellness counselor all rolled into one.  I'm so grateful for her insights and compassion.  I would definitely recommend using her services.  

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angelica, associate editor

My experience with Emily was empowering. She listened to me, validated my experiences, and provided insight into what I am going through. I learned that I engage in negative self-talk and thinking patterns and am applying more positive reframed to how I think and move through life. The work we did was incredibly healing and I feel so different now. I feel like I am powerful and I am grateful for all that I have. I am no longer in a lack or victim mindset and have really benefited from her attention and coaching.

This is for you if you find yourself...

  • saying yes to everything and having no time for yourself?

  • easily triggered and irritable? Regular feelings of resentment?

  • working overtime and trying to prove yourself in the work place?

  • addicted to checking your email and phone?

  • basing your worth off of your title and success?

  • setting yourself up for unrealistic expectations?

  • identifying as a high achiever or a people pleaser?

Contemplating at Work

Imagine living with these results...

Image by Shashi Chaturvedula
  • being able to set boundaries so you can have more time for yourself and what's most important to you

  • detaching your worth to your job title, income, and status 

  • developing a healthy relationship with yourself 

  • having gratitude as your baseline

  • releasing the pressure of daily life stressors 

  • having the tools to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional triggers

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the method

what's included

VIP Coaching

  • Private coaching (2x month over Zoom) to work through burnout pain points

  • Custom stress management protocol to implement into your routine 

  • 6-month transformation to feel mentally strong, self-aware, and more positive

  • Learn how to create more time for yourself so that you can show up at a higher capacity for what is most important to you 

  • Ongoing email support between sessions so that you are feeling supported throughout the entire program 

  • Bi-weekly reflections so I can see where you are at and give you feedback 

  • Mindset ciriculum to build resilience, awareness, and regulate nervous system

  • 21-day signature self-love challenge

  • Eat To Energize Nutrition Course

  • Step-by-step guide on how to build your wellness toolkit 

  • Increase your worth training to show up more confident in your career

+ limited time


what clients are saying

Every time we had a session, every single time, I came away with nuggets of sagacity and knowledgeable insight.  You gave me techniques and practical advice about getting my anxiety under control.  You taught me to pause.  And to breathe.  And to be happy again.

Gayle S.

Compliance Director

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