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10 Lessons of My 20's

Hi, 30, it's me, I'm the problem it's me! (For any of you Swifty fans out there you will understand the reference!) I just entered my fourth decade of life, so with that, I wanted to reflect and share with you. Here are 10 lessons of my 20's, 1 lesson for each of the years!

  1. If you have a nudge to pursue something, listen to it. Don't wait or make excuses for fear of what people might think. JUST GO FOR IT. I often think about myself when I was 25, having the "silly" idea to start a wellness blog, but feeling embarrassed about putting myself out there. The universe knew starting a business was my path and threw me the sign of moving to Canada, going back to school, and changing career paths as a Holistic Nutritionist. Talk about a leap of faith! Best decision I have ever made.

  2. Don't seek advice from someone unless they are where you want to be. What I mean is - if you have a vision for yourself, look for guidance from someone who has been in your shoes, walked the walk, and made the moves. Find a mentor who you look up to and who is willing to have a chat with you to share their experience.

  3. It's okay to change your mind about things. Nothing is permanent. The more experiences you have, the better! I feel more confident than ever entering this next chapter of my 30s - certain of who I want to be and where I want to go.

  4. Take care of yourself. Your body, mind, and soul. For the majority of my twenties, my lifestyle didn't match up with my values. I wanted to live a certain way but my environment, career, and social circle made it very difficult to live my truth. However, it is important to note that was part of my journey and I wouldn't be on this path of wellness and healing if I didn't put myself through those ~unhinged~ years.

  5. Find joy in the little things. In your cup of coffee in the morning. On a sunny walk. On a weeknight in the kitchen. Appreciating the tiny moments that make life up has been game-changing for me. I feel at peace and grateful every day and that is priceless.

  6. Practice loving and accepting yourself regardless of where you are at. Build self-awareness of how you treat yourself and pay attention to your thoughts because they create your current reality. Our mind is a lot more powerful than you think!

  7. Identify your priorities and remind yourself of them daily. I didn't quite understand what this meant until halfway through my twenties - but boy was that awakening in itself! Knowing what motivates me and connecting to my "why" on a daily basis creates fulfillment and purpose.

  8. This is a piggy pack off of the last one, but don't be afraid to say no and set boundaries. Put your priorities first! You are the creator of your own life - you have way more control than you think you do.

  9. Allow yourself to dream. Visualize how you want your life to look often. Start a journaling practice. Write down your goals weekly, even daily. Don't just live on autopilot and let life pass you by.

  10. Enjoy the journey - it's not the destination. Who you are during the journey is more important and there really is no "end goal". Slow down and appreciate what exactly is in front of you.

So there you have it! My 20s were a wild ride. I struggled. I had some of my life's best moments. I traveled. I discovered many layers of myself. I said yes. I said no. I experienced depression, anxiety, and stress I never knew I could feel. I fell in love, got engaged, moved to Canada, became an entrepreneur, discovered my own version of spirituality, lived in Europe, moved countless times, made friends, lost friends, kept friends, and I know I'm missing about a million things. Overall, I am happier now than I ever have been.

I can't wait to see what the next 10 bring!

Big hugs!

Emily J.


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