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Resentment Journal for Burnout Recovery

Have you every wondered how you got to burn out? It's a slipper slope. One minute you are thriving. The next you are exhausted, irritable, anxious,

and can't seem to get back to baseline. The root of burnout is really just neglecting yourself and prioritizing other things. Some signs of burnout look like this:

  • People pleasing

  • An overbearing workload

  • Anxiety

  • Not enough nourishment

  • Poor sleep

  • Low energy

You might start to find yourself in this state of resentment, feeling like you can't say no or set boundaries.

A little trick I used when I was doing nutrition consulting was having my clients fill out a food journal. I would have them track what they were eating during the week to try and find the link between their symptoms and the foods that were causing them.

They thought they had a general idea of what they were putting into their body, but when it came down to seeing it on paper, it changed their perspective. This practice brought awareness to my clients nutrition journey. It gave them a sense of how their body was trying to communicate with them. Thoughts of "ohh-thats why I can't fall asleep because I am eating sugar at night" or "my anxiety is worse when I drink caffeine on an empty stomach". It was insight into what was actually going on-not what they thought was going on.

The resentment journal serves in the same way and here's how you do it. For a week, at the end of each day, write down everything that you did. Get granular; meetings, texting, social media, tv, working, eating, cooking, write it all! Analyze your journal, what is draining you? What is leaving you resentful? Where can you set boundaries? Where can you work on bringing more mindfulness and stillness into your life?

It sounds simple because it is! The first step for any healing journey is just being aware. I encourage you to try the resentment journal next Monday and see what comes up for you.


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