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Fueling Your Brain To Prevent Burnout

Not all fats are created equal. You might think eating a "low fat" diet is going to make you lose weight or overall help your health. Let me tell you-this is NOT the case friends!

Your body absolutely needs fat. But not just any fat, good fat.

Good fats are a source of omega-3's which are crucial for cell wall function. They promote flexibility so they can receive messages with ease which ultimately fights off inflammation. Good fats also keep you fuller longer, lubricate your gut, aid with digestion, and can help curb sugar cravings. Not to mention, our brains are 60% fat! You NEED good fat in order to support brain health to help prevent burnout.

Bad fats impact your cell walls by creating rigidity and vulnerability making it harder for them to move around. This causes inflammation which is the root cause of most diseases, especially in the heart and brain.

So what are sources of good fats? Some of my daily favorites are:

  • wild-caught salmon

  • chia seeds

  • flax seeds

  • nuts

  • olives

  • extra virgin olive oil

  • avocados

Bad fats are found in things like:

  • processed foods

  • donuts

  • cookies

  • fried food

  • canola oil

  • margarine

  • vegetable oil

Getting healthy fats into your daily diet can look like this:

  • Breakfast: overnight oats with chia seed, flaxseed, & walnuts

  • Lunch: arugula salad with a can of organic wild-caught salmon, avocado & olives

  • Dinner: chicken or protein of choice, salad, & creamy cauliflower mash made with ghee

One last thing!

Since traditional cooking oils like canola, vegetable, and margarine are considered bad fat aka inflammatory, make sure you are using an oil that can stand a high temperature and that isn't comprising your cellular function.

Best oils to use for cooking with:

  • avocado oil

  • coconut oil (refined=no aroma and unrefined=coconut aroma)

  • ghee (clarified butter, comes in a jar)

  • grass-fed butter

  • extra virgin olive oil (don't use for high heat, more for salad dressings)

Comment below if you have any questions, comments or feedback!

Thanks for reading!

Emily J


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