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Newly Nutrition Podcast

When I was working in corporate, building someone else's vision, I daydreamed of working for myself in the Health and Wellness industry. But it seemed so far out of reach. Where to begin? A blog? Do I get certified in something? How do these other people online do it? The health and wellness game seemed like a foreign land to me, I pretty much didn't know anyone who worked in it but marveled at people making a living doing what they loved; working out, cooking, hosting wellness retreats, starting businesses, collaborating with other successful entrepreneurs. I wanted to be them. All I knew was that I had a passion for healthy living and I wasn't living my truth. I was living for everyone else. I knew that that deep desire to work for myself wouldn't go away. And so, I followed my knowing (if you are reading Untamed by Glennon Doyle you will know what I am talking about) and now I am a graduated Holistic Nutritionist and starting this podcast to inspire other daydreamers to go for it. I wish a podcast like this existed two years ago.

Newly Nutrition is made to open the eyes of the dreamers who want to be in this field. It is also for already Certified Nutritionists who are feeling lost, overwhelmed, and need a community to lean on while starting out. The majority of us won't end up working in this space because it is challenging and takes a lot of work. This podcast was created to build a community of badass Nutritionists whose passion in life is to help others.

I was lucky enough to meet a beautiful supportive group at The Institute of Holistic Nutrition, who lifted me up during my journey with school and still continue to suppo

rt and encourage me. I absolutely adore them and it is 100% necessary to have a support system when you are in this industry!

If you aren't in this industry, it seems pretty straight forward-you have clients and that's how you make a living. Which can be done-but truth be told it is HARD work getting clients. Most people in this industry have various sources of income-not just 1:1 clients.

Newly Nutrition is built to explore all areas of income possibilities in the industry- you don't have to JUST have clients, hell, you don't even have to have any 1:1 clients if that's not your thing. You might want to think of a more efficient way to help a larger spectrum like group coaching, online courses, or a monthly membership.

I will be interviewing Nutritionists whose businesses are their full-time job. If they can do it, so can we! Stay tuned for in-depth interviews to see how you too can make it possible.

Comment below what kind of topics you would like to see on Newly Nutrition!


If you haven't read this incredible book yet-10/10 recommend!!


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