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Mindful Drinking to Improve Your Life

Yay! The holidays are officially here, meaning all the yummy food, drinks, and time with loved ones. Whether it's quarantine or not, I can pretty well guarantee you will be indulging in some way or another this holiday season.

Maybe it's a virtual hang out with your besties over some wine, a socially distanced backyard hang, a small family gathering, or just you and your partner plus your new baby or pup-how exciting!!

During this time of year, it's easy to let loose with food, drinks, and let certain boundaries slide-which is totally normal! One area I focus on managing not just the holidays but all year round is my drinking habits. It is an area in my life where I need to pay special attention in order to maintain a healthy relationship with myself and others.

I have developed a better habit over the last two years of learning to drink mindfully. This strategy has truly changed my relationship with alcohol and improved my way of life in countless ways. I used to get anxious over certain social events or anticipate a nasty hangover. But now, I can confidently walk into any situation and feel in control of how much I drink and know my limits. I have 99% fewer hangovers than I used to, and love to preach to all my friends and family the benefits!

Mindful drinking is especially handy during social gatherings, holidays, family visits, and honestly every day!

You are probably thinking what the hell does that even mean. Well, let me explain!

Mindful drinking is:

  • becoming self-aware of your drinking patterns

  • example: realizing that you have a drink every single day

  • recognizing bad habits around alcohol

  • example: I am hungover at least 3 times a week

  • setting boundaries based on YOUR values and no one else's

  • example: I will only drink Thursday-Saturday

  • Navigating your social life with a conscious effort

  • example: I will only drink when I feel comfortable, not when others expect me to

  • Tuning in to how you feel while drinking

  • example: I feel more insecure when I drink

What mindful drinking isn't:

  • drinking everyday to cope with stress

  • binge drinking every weekend

  • blacking out

  • drinking because you are in the habit of drinking just to drink

Drinking is widely accepted and practiced throughout our society and is even praised in most social groups. No one wants to be the "boring" friend who says no to shots-but deep down we all don't want the shot- let's get real here. UNLESS-we are in Mexico drinking premium tequila, ya know?

Let me ask you this, do you resonate with any of the above bullet points? Do you wish you had more self-control? Do you wish you had fewer hangovers and more productivity in your life? I can promise you are not alone!

Being more self-aware of your actions can help you achieve more of what you actually want versus being stuck in the same cycle of what you don't want.

Recognizing your drinking habits, setting new boundaries, and implementing strategies around alcohol will make you a more productive human and overall happier. Who actually likes being hungover? Are you tired of the constant guilt of feeling like the lowest version of yourself?

Download my mindful-drinking-guide to start the process of developing a healthy and stable relationship with alcohol.

I am passionate about this topic because I firmly believe in balance and I am constantly preaching to my clients to find a balance that works for them. Whether it is alcohol, food, exercise, or working, you are the only one who can identify what habits fit best in your life based on your values. Not everyone will thrive the way you will thrive and that is why it's important to experiment for yourself and see what resonates with you and makes you feel good.

Follow along to keep up on the latest mindful drinking tricks!




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