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5 Signs You Are Burned Out

Burnout-a term thrown around a lot lately because, well, as a society we all have a lot going on. From current horrific events in our world, to a pandemic, to navigating our careers, raising kids, maintaining relationships, and on top of it all-trying to take care of ourselves in the meantime.

It's no wonder that burnout is at an all time high. One of the main reasons we are burned out is rooted from our careers. According to Indeed's COVID-19 survey, over 52% of survey respondents experienced burnout in 2021—up from the 43% who said the same in Indeed’s pre-Covid-19 survey. Even if you are passionate about your career, you can still feel the impact of burnout.

There are many signs of burnout. Here are 5 common symptoms I have seen in clients:

  1. You are easily triggered and unconsciously reactive. Being reactive is a state of emotional immaturity. Being triggered can come from a comment, a stranger cutting you off in traffic, a partner asking you to do the dishes-and you feel "set off". You snap without thinking or feeling your emotion for what it is. This can lead to a spiraling event which ultimately drains your energy leaving you feeling depleted. Yikes!

  2. You lack boundaries and have the tendency to say "yes" to everything. A new work project? Sure! Drinks after work on Monday even though you had a busy weekend? Why not! Book an expensive trip even though you know it's not in your budget? YOLO! This behavior can cause you to burnout because you are not paying attention to your own needs. You leave little time to recharge because have a hard time setting boundaries with your own time.

  3. You have chronic low energy. You are in a constant state of stress, weakening your immune system, so you just feel "run down" all the time. No matter how much coffee you drink you can't seem to get back to your baseline (feeling good). You hit a slump after lunch, a slump at 4pm-then switch from coffee to wine to "de-stress". The wine you drink results in a poor sleep because of the sugar-and the cycle repeats.

  4. You don't prioritize time for self care. You probably rolled your eyes at the word "self care". However, this is a crucial piece of the preventative burnout puzzle. When was the last time you did something for yourself? You absolutely need moments of this every day-even if its just 5 minutes of sitting in silence. These moments of self care give you the oppurtunity to bring awareness of your current state. For many of us this includes getting out of "flight or fight" mode and into "rest and relaxation" mode.

  5. You lack a state of fulfillment. You landed the dream job you had been working your ass off for. You are making great money. You can buy whatever you want. Yet-something is missing. You don't know what it is, but you just don't feel as fulfilled as you thought you would have. You feel hopeless so you cope with unhealthy habits like drinking daily, doom scrolling social media, and eating junk food mindlessly while watching Netflix.

Do you resonate with any of these? Agree or disagree? Would love to hear your thoughts! Comment below.


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