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10 tips for finding balance with work

Whether you have spent the last few months taking a break, or working double time, it's clear that 2020 has been a trying year. As things start to return to the "new normal" take a minute to reflect on how you envision getting back into the swing of things. Here are 10 tips to work into your day to day.

  1. The little things=big things make sure to schedule time for yourself each day to slow down; journal, reflect, make to do lists, breathe, have a cup of tea. Mornings are personally my time but if you have a really early wake up-aim for night time. You deserve this time. It really will make a difference in your mood and mental state.

  2. Planning is everything! Plan ahead your meals for the week and keep it simple. Breakfast; Overnight oats or green smoothie. Lunch; carve out a few hours on Sunday to meal prep a healthy lunch and protein bliss balls so you aren’t forced to eat out each day.

  3. Plan out your movement for the week; it doesn’t need to be an intense HIIT every single day. It can be a 30 min walk after work to get moving. Just ensure there is some movement every day. Even 10 minutes is better than nothing! I have been following 30 minute at home workouts by Heather Robertson and I love them! They are quick and I can do them at my own convenience. Can be found on YouTube.

  4. Say no to anything “extra”. Going from all the rest and downtime to a full blown work schedule is a lot on the body. Take it easy with social plans and anything that isn’t totally necessary right now. It’s okay to say no! When you are more back in the swings of things you can start allowing more time. You might be surprised and find you value your rest time more than ever after qtine so saying no to plans might come easy to you.

  5. Use your weekends to rest and recover. Weekends are for rejuvenation from the busy work week but if you’re just out and about drinking or running errands then you're not resting much and you’re setting yourself up for burnout. If you’re like my partner and thrive off of plans on the weekends; choose at least one day of the weekend to chill and relax.

  6. Find your favorite ways to relax and unwind. This will be different for each person. Some people like to unwind with a yoga class or a walk. Some people unwind by cooking a nice dinner and listening to a podcast. Some people like to relax with time on the couch reflecting on their day. Others enjoy a bougie bubble bath, a book and a face mask. Find what works for you and make it a habit.

  7. Ensure a solid night's sleep every night; 7-8 hours. Sleep is extremely important for your health foundation. Go to bed at the same time every night and avoid screens 1 hour before bed. Wake up at the same time every morning to start getting your body used to routine. Maybe you will start to wake up before your alarm ;)

  8. Pinpoint areas of stress in your life and address them. Stress can manifest in many forms and create major health problems if not managed. If every Monday at noon you have a report due, try to get it done on Friday so you are not scrambling on Sunday with anxiety trying to get it done. This was me for two years! I learned by getting my Monday work done on Friday it ensured a way more restful weekend and less anxiety over the weekend thinking about Monday morning.

  9. Implement mindfulness every day. I'm talking about meditation, breathing, or slow yoga practice. This is exercising your mind and creating space for a calming environment which is SO necessary if you work a high stress job or are experiencing stress on a daily basis. I use the Calm app.

  10. Be kind to yourself! Self compassion is everything when life gets busy. If you slip up, that is okay and totally expected-if you don’t slip up then you are not human! If you have an entire week of slipping up-THAT IS OKAY! Do not beat yourself up. Say kind things to yourself even when you don’t think you deserve it.


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