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Episode 2: The #1 Platform Every Nutritionist Should Be Using with Sidney Shindle

In this episode, Emily interviews a shining star in the health and wellness space; Sidney Shindle. A Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a lead faculty member at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition, and co-founder of Fiore Health Academy.

Sidney runs an online and person private practice, has a passion for teaching, and can intuitively create her own holistic baking recipes. Sidney shares resources and tools to make your coaching business successful and seamless, one of the tools being Fiore Health Academy; an online platform Nutritionists come to learn. Sidney shares all about Fiore Health and even gave Newly Nutrition listeners access to the course at a major discount. Listen to gain confidence and knowledge and get one step closer to achieving your business dreams.


Use newlynutrition75 to get $75 off your next course $298) until September 30th

If you purchase the course 24 hours after September 18th, you can get the course for $150, AND use newlynutrition75 on top of that to get the course for $75!!!

Trust me it's an amazing resource for any health care practitioner!

Sidney's Contact:


Learn more about Fiore Health Academy:




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