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Episode 1: Meet Emily of Woo Girl Wellness and Find Out Her Why Behind Newly Nutrition

Have you ever looked up to someone who is making a living doing what they love? And thought, "maybe that could be me one day." But when it came down to it, you had no idea where to begin or what route to take. Like it seemed beyond overwhelming and just too much to think about?

Well, that was exactly Emily two years ago, living a life that didn't align with her values and what she envisioned for her future. She found herself deeply unfulfilled and looking for a change.

Even though Emily was working a corporate job and living the party girl lifestyle, she always had a passion for healthy living and alternative cooking methods. She felt called to the Health and Wellness industry but had absolutely no idea where she would begin. She toyed with being certified as a personal trainer, or an online health coach but there were so many programs which one to invest in?

It wasn't until she had the opportunity to move to Canada (she's from California) that she found her answer; quit her corporate cushy job and go back to school for Holistic Nutrition. She found a school that would allow her to study on an actual campus and introduce her to the way of life she was meant to live.

Ever since she made that decision, her universe has aligned because she is living her truth. She created Newly Nutrition to support aspiring Nutritionists who are just getting started on their business journey. If only there was a podcast like this two years ago to help Emily explore different options and opportunities in the health and wellness space.

Emily also dives into the story behind "Woo Girl Wellness" and where that name came from. If your story resonates with Emily, definitely send her a DM @woogirlwellness on Instagram or email! She loves hearing from anyone and everyone.



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