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Pesto Garlic Fries

Wow your friends with these "fancy" french fries! Super simple and would pair great with my lentil burgers! Ketchup not optional.

Time prep: 10 minutes

Time cook: 30 minutes

Total time: 40 minutes


💗2-3golden potatoes

💗Bunch of basil

💗3 cloves garlic

💗1/2 cup walnuts

💗1 tablespoon chili powder


💗Preheat oven to 450 ⁠

💗Chop potatoes into small wedges-we used 2 ⁠

💗Chop a bunch of basil, a handful of walnuts and 3 cloves ⁠ of garlic into a food processor (blender works too) ⁠

💗Coat potatoes with an oil, pesto mixture and whatever spices you want

💗Bake for 30 ish minutes or until potatoes are golden and soft, put on "broil" for a few mins to make a lil crispy ⁠


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