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Episode 7: All Things Business with Samantha Gladish

Meet Samantha Gladish, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Weight Loss Coach, Hormone Fixer-Upper, and author of the Amazon bestseller, The 30-Day Hormone Solution. She is also the host of one of Canada’s top-rated podcasts, Healthy Hormones for Women. She has been in the industry for over 15 years and is the owner of So needless to say, she has tons of experience and had such incredible advice to share on this episode. We talk about her experience getting started (pre-Instagram days), side jobs she worked before going full time into her business, and how her business has grown and evolved over the last 15 years. Samantha dives deep into specifics like how to find the right business coach for you, choosing a niche, and most importantly not undervaluing your services. She talks about her 8-month biz mentorship program for health and wellness practitioners, what you can expect, and how she helps you crush your business wherever you are on your journey. Have a listen and I really wouldn't be surprised if you end up booking a call with her to be your biz mentor!! 

You can find her at:

@samantha_gladish for her biz mentorship page

@holisticwellnessfoodie for her Nutrition page

FB page for biz mentorship:



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