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i'm emily johnson

burnout recovery & prevention coach

Are you ready to start prioritizing your well-being?

My passion lies in supporting high achieving women to increase energy levels and heal from burnout through a custom holistic approach 

do you find yourself...

  • Saying yes to everything to the point of overwhelm?

  • Easily triggered and irritable?

  • Popping that bottle of wine to de-stress?

  • Addicted to checking your email and phone?

  • Can't find time to prioritize self-care?

  • Trying to add more wellness into your routine but too tired?

  • Feeling like you constantly need a vacation?

Lazy Morning

karla / bay area, CA

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  • having the confidence to say no...and not worry after

  • being in a routine that nourishes your well-being

  • developing a healthy relationship with yourself 

  • feeling fulfilled in your career

  • feeling present on a daily basis 

  • having the tools to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional triggers in a mindful way 

I love how Emily tackled every issue I had. We accomplished so much in such a short amount of time. Emily made it easy, and she has given me the tools to be able to continue my progress. Most people at some time in their life, need a coach who can help them get where they want to be and live a happy, full-filling, and healthy life.

Julie L.

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My lifestyle has changed significantly in that I now allow myself to focus on self-care as a necessity, and not just a luxury. Working in executive management, while balancing a marriage and a child didn't seem to allow for a great deal of time to think about how to take care of myself. I now realize that self-care is one of the most important things I can do also benefit my family and my work product.

gayle s.

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Burnt Out

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