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to my high achieving career women with big dreams, high standards, and endless ambition...

Are you ready to heal from burnout?

so you can thrive in your purpose, live a fulfilled life, and
be your favorite version of yourself?

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1:1 coaching burnout recovery and prevention coaching

do you find yourself... 

  • saying yes to everything and then feeling resentful?

  • easily triggered and irritable?

  • coping with bad habits to find comfort?

  • addicted to checking your email and phone?

  • can't find time to prioritize self-care?

  • trying to build a wellness routine?

  • feeling like you constantly need a vacation?

Contemplating at Work


Image by Shashi Chaturvedula
  • having the confidence to say no...and not worry after

  • being in a routine that nourishes your well-being

  • developing a healthy relationship with yourself 

  • feeling fulfilled in your career

  • feeling present on a daily basis 

  • having the tools to manage stress, anxiety, and emotional triggers

My lifestyle has changed significantly in that I now allow myself to focus on self-care as a necessity, and not just a luxury. Working in executive management, while balancing a marriage and a child didn't seem to allow for a great deal of time to think about how to take care of myself. I now realize that self-care is one of the most important things I can do also benefit my family and my work product.

Gayle S.

1:1 coaching details 

6-month container

- 2x 60-minute virtual calls/per month

- ongoing email support and accountability between calls

- education materials & resources 

- recorded calls 

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Hi, I'm Emily!

I know what burnout is because I have experienced it at multiple different times in my life. I have a certain standard of living and quite frankly - it can be exhausted to keep up with! 

Luckily I have cultivated lifelong tools and learned the importance of mindfulness, stress management, and taking care of my well-being.


We can do this together and we will have fun in the process.

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