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Episode 3: Running a Business Holistically with Pearl Cicci

Have you ever met someone virtually and then met up with them in real life? Pretty normal these days! Emily found Pearl even more inspiring and full of life in person than she is in this episode.

Pearl Cicci embodies everything about a holistic way of living through her career, business, lifestyle, and mindset. She was such a fun guest to interview getting to know her as a beautiful person and also learn about her business journey moving from a Dietitian to a full-time entrepreneur as a Nutritionist and Fitness Coach. She shares everything from creating an online course to being in the right mindset for success and getting her first few clients. 

Pearl shares how to give realistic timelines and expectations when running a business, which is absolutely crucial when you are an entrepreneur! Nothing like burning out and feeling so overwhelmed to slow down your business. Emily also dives into Pearl's experience a dietician and why she chose to give up her title to pursue her own business.

Episode launching September 18th!

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