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Episode 8: Jass Stupak on Building an Honest Community for Success and Nourish with Jass

Meet Jass Stupak, Holistic Nutritionist, Founder of Nourish with Jass, Bloom In Business Mentor, and creator of Leaves Digestive tea. She has been on her entrepreneurial journey for the last three years and has grown her community members to over 15k by cultivating an open and honest community.  Jass shares her experience working a full-time job while building her business on the side, tips on how to show up for your community, finding the right business mentor, deciding on your niche, and her journey from the very beginning. We chat about when it's time to go all-in with your business,  investing in your biz, and how her community is absolutely everything to her. You won't want to miss this episode if you're just getting started on your entrepreneurial journey or if you are already on the path to success! 

Find Jass at:


*Her biz mentorship program application can be found on her website.

Her tea brand:




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