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Episode 6: Energy and Mindset Work For Success with Biz Coach, Ariana Fotinakis

Meet Ariana Fotinakis, Breathwork Coach, Business Coach, Community Facilitator, and entrepreneur guru. She has been in the health industry for 8 years and in this episode has non-stop great info to slay in your biz.

After struggling with addiction for over 10 years, she turned her life around by first focusing on her own health, then by focusing on serving others. She now uses a variety of modalities to support women in tapping into their own inner guidance systems so they can share their magic with the world in an authentically aligned way. 

She believes in building a business at a slow and sustainable pace instead of running the risk of burn out. We go into how to get clear on your niche, decide your top priorities as a wellpreneur, and how crucial it is taking care of yourself when running a business. Ariana shares actionable steps to break down resistance to expand ourselves both professionally and personally. We dive into the process of hiring a business coach, getting into a flow state, and working your full-time job while hustling on the side. Ariana worked a full-time job for two years while starting her business. She talks about working 17 hour days, and why having that job can create more motivation and focus. You don't want to miss this episode if you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed with your biz.

You can find Ariana at:


The Entrepreneurs of Health and Fitness of Vancouver that Ariana runs:




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