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Happy Cinco and Welcome to Woo Girl!

It's only appropriate that I launch my website on this day because

  1. Cinco de Mayo is one of my fav days of the year-we celebrate pretty big in California (miss you)

  2. Woo Girl stands for party girl-I have had some WILD Cinco celebrations in the past (see right, two years ago in SF) but this year will be much more mellow with a taco bar and maybe a few Coronas. It's a new type of celebrating-one with no hangover and delicious home made food

  3. I want Cinco de Mayo to be my business anniversary because why not?!

I am SO excited this has finally come to life! Woo Girl was created to inspire women to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel their best. I was living a life that had me feeling mentally, physically and emotionally burnt out. I navigated through and will be sharing the steps I took to create the lifestyle I knew I was meant to live.

I believe in finding balance through daily habits, creating a routine that works for you and setting goals that are attainable. My true passion is creating amazing tasting meals that are clean and made with all natural whole ingredients. If I could teach everyone how easy and accessible clean cooking is-that is my dream!

I look forward to connecting with you through a recipe, Instagram (@woogirlwellness), or as your nutrition coach. Happy Cinco!


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